As you may be aware - HanzRickAnderson is on the attack again. And by HanzRickAnderson we mean the men who are behind Political Irish and other sites such as PPie, GPO, Strangeworlds, Arsefield's, TheIrishCrusader blog etc. These individuals first set out to destroy Politics.Irish back in 2019 before setting their eyes on Politics Isle since the very beginning. Since 2020 this site has been subject to malicious troll attacks, sign-ups with abusive usernames, lies and smearing elsewhere... both the site itself and its regular users.

As you may also know, this HanzRickAnderson character has been using every trick in the book to try and get us to either shut down or run away. His latest thuggish actions involve threatening to spread damaging and false information about individuals here around their local communities - going so far as to threaten visits to employers and local community groups. Well this is my personal message to HanzRickAnderson, FUCK OFF WITH YOURSELF . We aren't going anywhere, nobody here wants to return to any of your setups and get back into line. In fact, the more shit you try, the more determined I and others are willing to fight to the last man, all for the good ship Isle.

Hanz is a thug who claims to love free speech, yet does everything in his power to try and get other independent platforms shut down. He's tried to eradicate this platform on numerous occasions under the pretense of being concerned about "doxxing", aka. something he himself engages in on a daily basis. The only difference been is that he feels entitled and self righteous about his own actions, and like all dictators considers himself and his actions to be above the law. In Hanzworld, laws are only for the little people.

Myself and this site have taken a laid back and dismissive approach to HanzRickAnderson for some time now, aka. by just ignoring him. But for the first time in over a year, this site is back on the warpath. Let us also not forget that the HanzRickAnderson sock show has been given a platform by none other than the quisling YoungDan, the little turncoat who done a runner back to Hanz in February 2020. It's time to sort this scumbag out once and for all, and unlike the weasel and quisling that is Dan - nobody here has any intention of EVER caving in to the self appointed lord of Irish fora that is Hanz. We will fight to the last man, establishing a new site in future if the need arises. I have sworn off returning to any Hanzian forums in future and I would encourage the rest of you to do likewise.

We will NOT be run off of the internet by some scumbag who thinks he has the right to both control the internet and control what we can say and do.


Dear Mandy,

After your sad attempt at gaining a moderator position on the BBBB last month under yet another fake female name, I meant what I said: write up something original and of interest to the ordinary man in the area and I'll publish it for you. From there you can spread your message (whatever that is) and see if it gains you any traction. But pretending to be some girl who wants to 'help' with the BBBB shows your complete lack of strategy, method of attack, and lying like a six year who ate the birthday cake really shows you up for what your are.

A pathetic little dogsbody sent out by your own Da to do his dirty work for him.

Yes, I got your message yesterday - what did you think I was going to do? Shut the page down? Run for the hills? Wait for 'The Finns' to come and get me? You're one sad bastard little kid alright, but sure you're not a problem in the truest sense of the term: more like a bug on the windscreen getting mangled by the wipers and leaving a trail of blood and shit behind that not even your Ma could match during her period.

I know it's killing you that seven and a half thousand of my people enjoy my articles and wish to be associated with me. But you're wrong to suggest that I'm being selfish by not inviting those same people onto these blogs. These blogs are for anonymous cowards like you and your entire little in-bred family. Real people neither trust nor have any interest in what we raincoats and trainspotters do under fake names, just like data commissioner. Your argument is disingenuous at best, and completely fucking stupid at worst.

You stick to trailing after me, I'll continue to lead a site with seven and a half thousand real people on it. All of my articles are public, none are hidden. I write under my own name. I give other people a platform every once in a while to offer some diversity, but I also keep my standards very high so as not to have the one-liner types and the 'I used to live on that street' merchants at bay.

You can't match me in the real world - face up to it, get used to it, and try to learn from it. After all, it is the nature of your families income, right? So if you need some extra cash for zit wash and pimple busting, write up something under your real name and let's see what the people think of you.

This shite here is fooling no one:

I've blocked that fake account and reported it - you'll be one fake ID less by this evening.

And next time you try to weasel your way into my world, try something a bit more convincing than a willing young lady looking to get some real world experience in journalism. Just write it under your own name and show us the size of your balls - if you have any. Which I doubt.

So long, and thanks for all the fish, Rachel

You're some fucking twat, Chester.



I bet you a pound to a piss-up that the Feeney's have thousands and thousands of accounts on email, gmail, and any other application piled up in their kitchen. I reckon that's where Mandy's pocket money come from: his daily chores are inventing fake names and tricky passwords and accumulating them by the thousand.

In fact, their entire existence is sort of the same.


Dear Butt Hurt Mowl,

Good old Rachel was one of the many people gunning for you, See how easy it was for her to infultrate you and have you running around her desperate, is this the first time a woman has paid any interest in you?


She basically begged me to give her a job helping out, so I told her I didn't need help BUT if she was interested in writing she could mock up and article and I'd go through it with her and post it under her own name. But she backed off immediately.

She had fuck all, and she has fuck all - which is exactly the kind of person you befriend: losers.

You seem lost in this fantasy that your FACEBOOK page has thousands of active members, at most you have 20 people or so posting regularly. You are less busy than P.ie, certainly no Boards, even Pish probably has more posters than you!

Yeah - seven and a half thousand people listen to me - not even your Ma listens to you, even if your Da happens to be interfering with you at the time.

Your theory here makes me laugh: you think spending loads of money on an anonymous underground site to which you want a dozen or so anonymous people to join to post anonymous and repetitive opinions requiring constant staffing throughout the day and night is preferable to my having a site built and opened for me by my neighbours and supporters under my own name for free, on social media, so I can write for the seven thousand plus actual members at no financial cost but my time and care and they can join in as they wish.

You pay for anonymous bullshit, from anonymous twats - old people, mostly.

I write the truth.

They listen to me - who the fuck listens to you?

Try me - you'll never match me.

Not in those knickers.

One thing your facebook page does have though is a lot of people who signed up but never posted , a lot of people who may well think that scum racists who post things such as this,

What you don't see are the PMs that flow from them to me looking for help, advice, guidance and lots of other things I help them along with. But I don't go on about it, I just do the right thing. You? You run sewer sites for the societal rejects of Ireland. What you also don't see are the pages which show me the traffic and where it's coming from, what it's looking at, and how often. Basic statistics.

Blubber on all you like - but you know you can't touch me: I'm miles ahead of you, Fat Boy.

Should well be avoided, or face charges for their online targetted racist abuse, the good thing is that many posters like Rachel, Sham, and more have access to your FACEBOOK page of thousands and will be sending them examples of theracist hateful bile that you post, and unlike you, we will direct them to the Isle so they can see it all in person.

Yeah, of course you will.

Now pull your knickers up and stop pissing all over the internet.

You never know, some good citizens may very well report you for online abuse.

You don't know any 'good citizens' - you deal in underworld freaks and dangerous racists with little intelligence but plenty of rage. Now go and write a thread and see if you can outdo my numbers.

You know you can't - that's why you shout about this same shite all the time.

You never stop whining about me - or thinking about me, or fantasizing about me.

You big gay yoke.

PS, Rachel dosent want to take up the inviitation to Finland to spend a week or more with you.


If you have to lie, at least try your lies reasonably believable. The poor cunt asked me for a job, I told I didn't need help, she could try writing, but she backed off faster than a bullet from a gun. Zero talent, zero life experience.

You can save your sorrows for her - she's even thicker than you are.

You need to try much harder than that, you thick cunt.

Now go and help your Ma peel the spuds for the dinner - there's no meat, just a knob of butter.

Your poor unimaginative spastickle.


Speaking of inactive members, try this one on for size, you thick cunt:

99% of those accounts are fake. Never been used. Only trotted out when the heat gets to be too hot.


This is my magic number:


Listening to me.

Not even your members listen to you, you stupid child.



Another fail - do you fancy this Rachel person yourself?

Me? Wouldn't touch an Irish woman with a barge pole - unless it was your Ma and I was bashing her head around with one.

It's nice to know I'm occupying so much of your limited brainpower.

How I laugh.



Try harder - anything you ad to any of sites is flagged and alarmed - then deleted in moments.

You can't touch me - kiddo, you'd be better off saving your money for some zit surgery.

Though by the time they've drained all that pus off you face there won't be too much of you left.

A walking pimple, oozing and leaking, and you wondering why girls won't look at you twice.

Zit boy.


Small beer, panty-head:

Looser - pants or othet items of clothing that are a little big.

Loser - your type of person, the terminally useless.

After all, if you're going to address me, try to spell things correctly.

And none of your posts are being published on The Senators page: I have them flagged and you blocked.



Has anybody noticed that MandyAldo is trying to position himself as the "Mowl of Arsefield's".


I honestly believe that these fools think that if they can get one over on me, then they'll become The Mowl. But even after hours of waiting his bombardment of my followers with links to posts by the Mowl using a baby in headphones avatar saying all kinds of stuff in reply to the usual scum on many of these fora, that my people, to whom he's a complete stranger (and weirdo for emailing them) are going to leave the BBBB.

This alone show you how denses the grey matter upside his dome actually is.

Trying to be Mowl will always flop. Believing you are like or better at this than Mowl will always flop.

So far, the Massive Attack on sites related to my real world life have received two comments on one thread,: the two posts were identical - which indicates a doofus at work. Moments after they arrived on the Senators page, I get two warning blings and delete them immediately.

These guys suck at this shit so much it's both sad: (running to Xenforo weeping like bitches to get the Isle pulled down a few weeks back, then returning to form after DS put all problems to right) and yet not one of you had anything. Just snide one-liner in-jokes shared by one of Ireland's saddest online posses: the political anoraks and wellington boots brigade: out to set the intersnots to right. You and Dan and so on. Fat people from western Ireland.

You stupid little pimple: go lance yourself, and take those fucking knickers off, your Ma needs them.

Her bowels aren't what they used to be.

Neither are yours.

You fucking freak.


I'm not sure why Mandy thinks people on BBBB could care less about what happens on Isle?

His faux-Mowl act is certainly cringeworthy, he doesn't have the wit nor the intellect to pull off such an impersonation. He even had a go at James the other day as part of the act.


He's like the air in the gap between his balls and his little willy.

Nothing funnier than being threatened by a midget virgin suffering from severe acne.

As for Jambo, a dipped Marietta from a teacup has more solid hard-ons.

Anyway - back to my supposed worrying, fretting, and er.. ..what was the other one?

Ah - yes: 'The Finns'.

You can probably hear my laughter from as far as Sligo and Belmullet.


This whole thing has gone way too far, it's time to get the law involved and I would encourage anybody else experiencing such threats to contact the Gardai and a solicitor.


I agree real world harassment like that is another level. But I recall Cork based investigative journalist Bryan Wall saying that the Gardai were well aware of the owners and operators of Pish, and were monitoring them.

Remember in the bad old days when they operated with such impunity you had threads like say that one about staging a military coup.


So in light of threads like the above, of course the Gardai are aware of them already. Just for some reason they were unwilling to act against them. As Wall also noted back in 2019,

"... the servers for PoliticalIrish.com appear to be based in Miami, Florida.

Going forward though, it seems that the far right have nothing to fear. Their websites remain in place as their Facebook pages and groups also continue to flourish.

Unless something is done, the hatred they promote will continue to fester until it erupts in outright physical violence here. And as is often the case, it is the most vulnerable in society who will be targeted..." (

Well, at least something was eventually done. For that the Gardai will likely be grateful that the problem was significantly lessened at a grass roots level before it completely spun out of control.


Some very interesting links there, will read though the Beacon article now.

Just to demonstrate how differently these websites operate - a poster here was making memes insinuating that a certain farmer was a sex offender. Those posts were removed and the person posting them was warned against doing it again in future. After ignoring that request the culprit was put on moderation. He came back at a later point demanding a GDPR. I not only refused a GDPR on the grounds of being able to monitor any future accounts, but also as to retain that IP as Anderson & Co were insinuating that I was the one operating the accounts and producing the memes.

Now contrast that with Arsefield's. You have some scumbag who thinks it's ok to get back at others by spreading false and fairly serious rumours to local organisations and employers that xyz is an abuser. You are looking at a level of malicious behaviour which can result in people losing their livelihoods, being assaulted on the street, having their windows or doors smashed in etc. While Aldo has doxxed just about everything about me so far, I've turned a blind eye. But making up rubbish about people here being abusers and to go out of his way to spread such drivel is pushing the limit. It's clearly become a matter for the Gardai and the authorities at this stage. This little entitled shit needs to be taught a lesson.

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