I reckon if Mowl weren't on Isle, Hanz wouldn't bat an eyelid. He'll never admit to it but Hanz is terrified of Mowl more than any other poster, which would explain his frantic efforts in trying to get Isle shut down. For Hanz fears Mowl in the exact same manner in which the Girondins feared Robespierre...he's even offered to buy this site on numerous occasions. Hanz seems to be ok with Mowl only in so far as he has the power to control and / or ban him. A site such as Isle where Hanz has no control and where posters such as Mowl aren't subject to constant censorship and bannings sends a shiver down his spine. No doubt his mindset is one of "If I can just get Isle shut down, Mowl will be back under my thumb and thus subject to the whims of my team of moderators on Pish and Dan's place".

It was all so much easier in the old days before Isle when Hanz effectively had complete control over posters who were banned on P.ie or elsewhere. Make no doubt about it, he wants those days to return and will do anything under the sun to try and accomplish it, e.g. by issuing threats and spreading false rumours. And all this over a collection of 30 or so posters - you'd swear he was the owner of the Irish Independent with half a million subscribers with the way he goes on.


In the last ten minutes, some staff member over on Pish obviously saw my IP scouring the public threads. They then barred the IP from seeing anything. To the best of my knowledge, Godsdog is in charge and/or ownershipover there.

Now, GD: you have an opportunity here. PM me that it isn't you making those orders, you know exactly where to find me so get on it and defend your actions. Otherwise things will certainly go awry for you. If you didn't order my IP ban, then say so.

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