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For readers looking in, we had some interesting and rather dramatic developments last night that I suggest we draw on to further investigate the phenomenon that is "Jambo".

In essence, we discovered a severe dissociation between the propaganda Jambo tries to perpetuate, and his claimed personal identity.

So last night I re-visited some psychiatric literature I had to try and posit some workiing hypotheses for this dissociation. However, what struck me from the literature was there was indication of a wide range of disorders where "Jambo" fulfilled the criteria, including dissociative identity disorder, dissociative amnesia, depersonalisation/derealisation disorder, intellectual disability (intellectual developmental disorder), various communication disorders, language disorder, social (pragmatic) communication disorder, autism spectrum disorder, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, specific learning disorder, and more.

Fuck. That's confusing. So how to proceed? Well I thought the best thing to do is work off the hypothesis that Jambo is a dumb AI initially, and then add on any elements where he has expressed actual human agency.

Now first, it cannot have failed to pass peoples' notice that Jambo has been lead by design into making an exhibit of himself on this forum, before the court of public opinion, on various discussion threads, including such as:

What these threads aimed to do was to demonstrate and affirm the context for the white supremacist propaganda that Jambo would spam the forum with, usually apropos of some discussion or other, where it obviously struck Jambo that the white supremacist perspective might be brought in to try and submerge and digess the discussion, etc.

He seemed to believe that he might introduce the perspectives of these white supremacists without adding any comment or context of his own, and that was what a lot of the dedicated threads were about, to draw this context out.

Anyway, moving on, let's take this from Jambo's last rejoinder to me last night. He said,

Any thoughts of your own, no? Didn't think so.

But your endless links won't change anything. When I sue you.

Now we had earlier in the day pointed out that this accusation of someone else allegedly posting "endless links", after years of Jambo re-posting without end white supremacist british and US illiterate gits, and their slogans, without a single comment of his own, was a well-worn propaganda technique specifically advocated on his white supremacist sites, to accuse "anti-whites" of the same thing they accused racists of.

When obviously, I brought out this Daryl Johnson chap in my post, as an expert witness, someone who predicted this same brand of right-wing violence in 2009, who leads an important organisation, and who stated for the court of public opinion in the past his view that:

Daryl Johnson said:
"... White nationalism is a “new buzzword,” Johnson said, but the first time he saw the term was in “white supremacy literature.”

The far rightists used “white nationalism” to appear more credible and patriotic, Johnson said, and the term detracts from the stereotypes conjured by white supremacy.

But make no mistake, he argued, white nationalism is a euphemism. “They want to distance themselves from white supremacy,” he said..."

The funny thing is, we do not even need to go to someone like that. Even among Jambo's own so called "Nationalist" community in the UK, those organisations and their leaders are themselves appalled at Jambo's sub-sect, and say very clearly, "these people are racists", i.e. white supremacists.

The leader of the likes of Britain First (which is a far-right, British fascist political party formed by former members of the British National Party) makes public statements that Jambo's brand of "Nationalism" is racist. The likes of Tommy Robinson say, "no doubt, these are racists, and this is racism".

These parties and movements are apparently not extreme enough for Jambo. He says they are not "real nationalists" (like himself presumably), because they call people like himself and the odious Mark Collett (who Jambo adores) "Nazis". He scoffs at society labelling the likes of Tommy Robinson and Jayda Fransen "far right", saying they in fact represent:

Jambo said:
bog-standard (libtarded) civic nationalism.

Imagine that, these guys are not extreme enough for him:

Whereas, Jambo's vision of what he euphemistically calls "nationalism", is, to draw on his own witterings for illustration:

Jambo said:
If you want to have a nationalist site then you should be prepared to be an outlaw.. because nationalism is HIGHLY illegal... You want nationalism? Well then you better be prepared to take up a gu.. eh, sorry, don't want to say anything illegal... That's it, it's Game Over. I have no hope left. But if you want.. You better stop being scared about fucking talking about it.. because you're a racist... And every (subversive) geebag, who ever used that term (I know literally dozens on Irish political fora) will, when the glorious time comes, be put up against a wall and held accountable. May God have mercy...

And of course, the above wouldn't be complete without the usual "far-right" paranoid, simplistic, conspiratorial "explanation" for it all:

Jambo said:
The bottom line is, immigration is being controlled just fine.. By the globalist apparatchiks/traitors who are controlling it.

To quote Sidewinder from p.ie, who put it so well yesterday:

Sidewinder said:
"... the usual howl of confused nonsense from not-very-bright people who are terrified about anything and everything whether it exists or not and have convinced themselves that they are the victims of vast shadowy conspiracies. It's not that you are a dumb fecker who can barely string a coherent sentence together, never paid attention at school and have never had a real job so that you don't understand how anything works. Nope, the satanic peado illuminati elites that secretly run the world are targeting you specifically, cos you are such a threat to them, but with all your "school of hard knocks" smarts your have figured it all out, cos you have d0nE yOuR rEsEaRcH (on youtube and parler)".

Exactly. And Telegram to boot in Jambo's case.

So who believes this muppet Jambo has no personal agency? Let's have a discussion about it, eh? If he does decide to sue me, we will be able at least to assemble some exhibits fairly quickly in response? Jambo appears to believe he has impunity to promote white supremacism on these fora because he says nothing about context. But let's draw out the context shall we? It's there, everywhere.




Oh jesus, you couldn't make it up.

One of the extremists over on Dan's "nationalist" site, paradosis/golah, recognising that Jambo is of course a white supremacist, his efforts to claim otherwise are delusional - is trying to equate his vicious views with first wave feminism.

He says these early feminists were supremacist, and "... also gravitated towards the British Union of Fascists and the NSADP in Germany...".

Apparently reading between the lines, since we look back on early feminists with benevolence, we should regard the likes of Jambo and Collett similarly.

Where do you even start with such "logic". Ffs.


Excellent OP, nail on head, etc.

Can't wait to see this thread fleshed out.

Forgive me, I have many things to say but am exhausted after a hell of a day: plus a I have a new set of drums occupying my kitchen floor. Jambo - stick on a few fish fingers there and try not to burn them, will you? Good man, that ought to keep your mind occupied for the next three or four days.
It is a constant surprise to me the sort of people who lay claim to being of a superior race or genetic composition.

They don't look like an elite at all, do they? :)


It is a constant surprise to me the sort of people who lay claim to being of a superior race or genetic composition.

They don't look like an elite at all, do they? :)

Jambo in his post-Famine Paddy outfit, screaming about his lack of shoes and socks.

Blames it all on the blight black man.

I'd imagine he's never seen a tax return, never mind a payslip - just the usual giro for his 'benefits' from the same state he despises every month. It's clearly not enough to keep him in beer and beans and toast. But most clued-in Micks know all about the benefits of frugality.

The thicker ones head off to Murka for the dream and the super-sized snacks.

Just look at Youngdan.

Jambo's the junior version of that same dose of white person smug and swagger.

There's a meme about the Rolling Stones becoming an Afro/American band - first they got jazz supremo Darryl Jones in on bass, and now it's Steve Jordan on drums. If Keef snuffs it and they get in say Vernon Reid, then the doors are wide open for the right black man at the right time to mooch in on Jagger's spot out front.

Ronnie's mostly a blues man, so that's as much black and blue as it needs to be.

Jambo's like the long suffering 'white-guy with tattoos' roadie living down the back of the humper's tour bus. In the bed beside the blocked toilet. The one with the crusty sheets and clusters of used tissues. It sure as shit ain't fun being whiter than white.

The one with no working toilet aboard.


The dissociation thing becomes more concerning the more I think about it.

I mean you see on twitter people with jobs write that "retweets are not an endorsement" in case they inadvertently post something that compromises their organisation.

But that's not what's going on with Jambo. He makes it obvious he endorses them, and he has never made any such disclaimer. Dissociation is a well known marker.

Which lead to another thought. It is not just the "retweets" and revealing comments of his you can read on this board and Sarsfields which leads by deduction, induction, abduction, reasoning by analogy, to the verdict that he must be a white supremacist, in other words an acolyte of white supremacist ideology (no matter whether they are branding themselves "white power" or "white pride" or "white nationalism" this season).

No, I initially formed the opinion from reading his posts on political irish, observing his increasing radicalisation on that board over years.

So, in any court case alleging libel, would we not need the evidence from that board too, to be examined? But ever since their series of exposures as a hate site, such as this one, https://the-beacon.ie/2019/09/11/ha...-islamophobia-racism-and-conspiracy-theories/, they destroyed all the evidence they could, did they not. Even now, their current discussions, incitements, whatever you want to call it, are all made secret and hidden from outside eyes.

Which lead to other thoughts, about discovery orders, forensics, and all that. Obviously Jambo's first step if he is to follow through on his threat to sue me, would be to issue a discovery order to this site admin, to reveal my IP. Next, another discovery order is required to force my hosting company to reveal the real person connected with that IP.

But do we not have evidence on this site, and others, that Jambo may well be a threat to others? I have pointed out before that his representations, references, links, copy and pastes, on these fora are up to 90% the same as the manifestos that mass killers like Roof, Breivik, Gendron, Tarrant, and the rest, posted in their manifestos.

And put that together with this extreme dissociation I talked about. I mean that's no exaggeration is it. And is dissociation not often a hallmark of people who go onto to heinous acts? Also, take such words and sentiment (that he's often repeated) as;

Jambo said:
... every (subversive) geebag, who ever used that term (I know literally dozens on Irish political fora) will, when the glorious time comes, be put up against a wall and held accountable. May God have mercy...

So should the authorities facilitate someone like this in his discovery orders? Or is it the case in fact, if we need to escalate this thing, that the first discovery order we need is on the political irish website to surrender the evidence they possess documenting Jambo's radicalisation on their site? That evidence certainly will be required in any libel case.

As to whether that evidence has already been willfully destroyed to obstruct possible trials or government investigation, when some elements of what they had been doing was documented by certain parties, that is another question?


Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white
Origins of this phrase:

"Anti-Racist is a Code Word for Anti-White" is a racist slogan that became popular among white supremacists in the mid-2000s. It is derived from a short essay commonly referred to as "The Mantra," popularized by long-time white supremacist Bob Whitaker. "The Mantra" attempts to rebut accusations of racism by claiming that people who profess to be anti-racist are actually trying to destroy the white race and that the term "anti-racist" is equivalent to "anti-white." Whitaker's followers have convinced themselves that if they simply repeat The Mantra, or the slogan derived from it, that they can somehow capture or reframe debates about racism.

So in Jambo's ideology he is not a "racist" or holds supremacist ideas, even when he posts about the superiority of white people in terms of "cleverness", capacity for work, nation building, culture, and everything else. He witters on about.

No, he is so fucking stupid that he reads this essay, or even sees this slogan he bleats posted up at the top of white supremacist websites like Stormfront, and is able to transform his racism into something else, that posits himself as the "hero" fighting against these "anti-whites".

Well we have witnessed these type of "heros". Roof, Breivik, Gendron, Tarrant. And they wrote the same thing as Jambo in their manifestos to justify themselves.

And he is so fucking stupid that he thinks he can sue someone when they won't comply with this reframing of the debate about racism, when they emphasise to him relentlessly the original, true and proper frame.

What a turd. Ironic isn't it. Jambo and comrades wanted their "free speech" to use all these terms and their intellectually decrepit little theories about black people and Africans in particular, about "globohomo", about Jews, about "the regime" conspiring against them, and everything else.

But when someone calls them by a name they don't like that exactly says what they are, when someone refuses to allow them to drag through the dirt even more than it has, the identity of "nationalist", a term they usurped to try and lend legitimacy to their racism, they turn to legal threats to try and make them shut up?

You won't shut me up, Jambo. You're a racist. You're a white supremacist. I repeat, a white supremacist. One of the worst I have come across on these fora.

Additionally you exhibit very very similar patterns of rhetoric, self justification, reference points, and promotion of theory, as a number of notorious white supremacist mass killers.

And I also therefore hold the strong opinion that if any responsible authorities are looking in, for example Garda Inspector McInerney, that they better have your card well marked, and look into you as much as they can to ascertain how much of a threat you really pose. You can add that into your libel brief if you like.

Because you're very welcome to go ahead and sue me for these opinions, Jambo. I have read very well what you have posted across these boards. You seem to believe though that a judge is going to frame your posts in your own preferred terms, that "Anti-Racist is a Code Word for Anti-White", and that you are in fact not a seedy, stupid, odious, mindless adherent of these base, destructive, ideas, but rather a great "Nationalist"?

You're totally delusional. Never mind your own worst enemy, as I have pointed out before, and the greatest gift to the gombeens, in terms of the real issues being experienced by those most effected by the race to the bottom, and the causes thereof. You absolute moron.


Someone stick a fifty pence piece up E Electricity's arse: the meter's run out.

His 'IQ' is rising by the minute.

Perhaps another replay of Mike Flower's Pops doing their arrangement of 'Wonderwall' might soothe?

Post in thread 'Your funniest stories of anti-social behaviour observed (or partaken in) on public transport?' https://politics.ie/threads/your-fu...n-in-on-public-transport.286274/post-13638310
Is it just me or did anyone else wonder, after The Lump starting following a lad to his summer job in an office opening the mail.. What happened to the "girlfriend"? 🤔

lol I think we all know why The Lump was following a young boy "chatting" to him on his way to work..


Lame, Jambo - seriously lame.

You're not taking this pasting too well, are you?

Suggestion: ask Val Martin for advice. And if he fails to deliver to a man of your considerable IQ there's always Declan - that YoungDan type. He likes young-fella's too. Young blokes like yourself: still wet behind the ears, still needing frequent nappy changes. Val can fill you in on bad breath, farts, general body odour issues, stink-hole dilemmas, and most things dental, even if he is gummy to the fore.

Check your relationships with old men online: they're not who/what you think they are.

You complete fucking tool-bag.


Lame little wanker.

I see your tongue is still buried up the holes of Val and Dan.

You sad cunt.
Youngdan was an exponent of the new miracle of Bitcoin wasn't he? Poor bugger. Survived the dearth of the potato only to be buried in the end by crypto.


Youngdan was an exponent of the new miracle of Bitcoin wasn't he? Poor bugger. Survived the dearth of the potato only to be buried in the end by crypto.

That fat fool's been talking about minting a coin since 2007.

He's a bullshitter - wants to be seen as a man of substance but his predictions about everything fall flat on their face every time he opens his fat Paddy gob. No wonder E Electricity is so happy over there.

He finally found someone to match his IQ.

Val Martin.


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