I, Jambo


PS What's with the new avatar, Jambo? Or should we call you "Kanye" now.

"... ONLINE WHITE SUPREMACIST forums and prominent reactionary figures are lauding rapper Kanye West’s turn to antisemitic conspiracy mongering with a barrage of memes, praise, and calls for escalation. Across Telegram, 4chan, and neo-Nazi forums, posts reviewed by Rolling Stone show that West’s statements have been received with nothing short of utter glee by the far-right’s most vitriolic figures..."

Maybe DS86DS DS86DS would update your handle to Kanye West for added lols and to keep in mind the type of slogans that never fail to predictably have you baying moronically along with the latest meme of your white supremacist mob? Or would this be more ground for libel? We could put in brackets too Kanye's alleged 200 IQ.



lofl.. roc_tard now thinks Ye is a "white supremacist".. 🤣
No, read what I wrote, moron.

I highlighted the observation that all these white supremacists were all creaming their jocks over Kanye's flaunting of these tropes.

And this thread is in one important respect about mocking all your wailing and crying that you're a "nationalist", not a knuckle dragging supremacist and racist, etc.

So, just one other exhibit towards that. Obviously you're creaming your pants over it too, ergo...
Up your game or start seeing deletions.
lol.. If you like dogs you're a "white supremacist" (according to roc_tard) 🤣



Can we have Jambo's account set so that he can only write replies rather than add silly cartoon images?

That'd save the world and the people in it a lot of time.


You can find Jambo's script here:

  • 1 Stay on message; we deal with the genocide of White people and the perpetrators, anti-Whites. When talking to the general public don't go into a rant about Jewish conspiracies, banking families, NWO, etc. White genocide is the first step to establish a beachhead in the general population's consciousness -- we can expand on other ideas later.

  • 2 Use the Mantra and our talking points. Everything anti-Whites say always leads to our genocide, and we have good ways to counter their talking points. You can customise our stuff and use it for yourself.

  • 3 Use our terminology; "Anti-White", "Pro-White", "White genocide", "Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White", "Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, White countries for everybody".

  • 4 "Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White" should be the last thing in your post if possible.

  • 5 Don't use their terminology; "racist" should ONLY be used in "anti-racist"; "nazi" should ONLY be used in naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews"; "HATE!", "holocaust", "fascist" "LOVE!" should be avoided; "diversity", "multicultural" can be pointed out as meaning less White people. Avoid using "The White race", "Caucasians", "The Whites", because it makes it look distant and turns it into a philosophical debate; use 'Our people', 'My people', 'White people', etc.

  • 6 Capitalize "White", when you're talking about our race.

  • 7 ALWAYS use "Genocide", NEVER use "Extinction", "Population Displacement", "Demographics shift", etc.

  • 8 NEVER call them "antis", they are "anti-White" - they are against White people existing.

  • 9 Use "As an anti-White" e.g. "As an anti-White why do you think more assimilation is required in ONLY White countries?"

  • 10 Don't argue, make our point: ALL White countries & ONLY White countries are told by anti-Whites, who claim to be "anti-racist", that they must accept millions of non-Whites and 'assimilate' with them, which is genocide under UN genocide conventions. If people get annoyed of hearing our message that's good, it means they can remember it!

  • 11 This isn't about anti-Whites; we are talking to the general public, USE the anti-Whites to humiliate them and point out that they support White genocide. A lot of the general public are tired of "anti-racists" (anti-Whites) and WE have to show them how to defeat and humiliate them.

  • 12 Be aggressive and take the moral high-ground; if they call you names say "You're only saying that because I'm White".

  • 13 Think before you talk. Talking about committing violence is a no-go. No talking about genocide tribunals because it makes us look dangerous. Using lots of bad language is going to make you - and us - look stupid. That does not mean treat anti-Whites with dignity.

  • 14 YOU ask the questions. If you don't get a reply keep asking them - it means your opponent is embarrassed and is trying to get off the subject. If they demand you answer questions say "WE ask the questions, because YOU support/justify genocide of MY people!".

  • 15 Use emotional language; "Why do you hate little White children?", "Why do you want to genocide little White babies?".

  • 16 Winning isn't important; you should be winning all of the arguments with the anti-Whites if you do what Bugsters do, but don't worry if you lose a few of them -- this is about imposing our terminology and getting the public talking about White genocide.

  • 17 Know your target audience and wrap our message around what appeals to them. Young adults want to talk about education fees and housing prices, Teens want to talk about music, Old people want to talk about pensions, etc. Try to connect with the people using their language/colloquialisms e.g. "Dude" "Mate" "Bloke" "Howdy" "Yeah" "Lol" "Rofl"

  • 18 Flip the script. What if ALL Asian countries were told to bring in immigrants and assimilate with them? What if "anti-racists" in Africa demanded that Africans stopped patrolling their borders and kicking out illegal immigrants?

  • 19 We're all part of the team. Remember to report any places that you post The Mantra or mini-Mantras in Where did you post the Mantra today? II Bugsters will offer you advice if you're new, ask them for help Swarming and they'll arrive on the link to help you out.


Here's another insightful document, the manifesto of the 18yo Buffalo mass shooter, Payton Gendron.

"... This crisis of mass immigration and sub-replacement fertility is an assault on the European people that, if not combated, will ultimately result in the complete racial and cultural replacement of the European people. To see this in full effect, you only have to look at the population statistics in Western nations for the year 2050. List_of_countries_by_future_population_(United_Nations,_medium_fertility_variant) In 2050, despite the ongoing effect of sub-replacement fertility, the population figures show that the population does not decrease inline with the sub-replacement fertility levels, but actually maintains and, even in many White nations, rapidly increases. All through immigration. This is ethnic replacement. This is cultural replacement. This is racial replacement. This is WHITE GENOCIDE..."

E Electricity, be a good lad there and tell us how much of that manifesto you are in accord with, give us a percentage. I guesstimate 95%+. Additionally, can you let the readers know, and for that matter, let Garda Inspector McInerney know, probably looking in, notepad at the ready, about anything you don't agree with, and why?

I recall in the past you seemed very keen to ensure people knew where your "nationalism" was coming from, and what you meant by "nationalism" etc.

Thanks, bud.


You can be sure Jambo's under the bed eating crisps, scratching his little nuts, and peeking out like the little girl in red in Schindler's List.


That's some beautiful writing.

No wonder Jambo shit himself.

The deep dark truthful mirror tends to do that to little boys of his ignorance.

He should really travel, just take off and keep going until he finds a few answers to his life's questions.

But he won't - can't: he's social welfare dependent.

Without his monthly dole he wouldn't even exist online, never mind in the real world.

Too many slabs of Dutch Gold might well do that to a man, so what with Jambo being a silly little boy, it'll probably hit him even harder. Or at least that's what I'm hoping.

Lash a tab of LSD into him and watch him crumble at the realisation of his complete worthlessness to this world. The ultimate bad trip, the one that tells him that none of the horrors he sectioned away to the sub-conscious mind have erased. They haven't. They can't be.

Because they are.

And that's all there is to it.

It just is.



Keep in mind too that was written back when the Irish weren't considered "white".

Rather we took our place alongside blacks and Jews, "no blacks, no Irish" etc, that essay could almost be written for the Irish experience in that time and place, as much as for the black experience.

Another interesting essay that comes to mind, you can find it here on page 15 of this pamphlet, essay titled "White English/Black English: The Politics of Translation" by June Jordan.

Compare and contrast with how Jambo so diminishes the element of language in his pseudo nationalism, instead positing "white-ness" as the supreme element of his Nation's self-id.

Jordan nails it very well in this essay I think. (It strikes me too it could apply not only to the Irish experience of having the English language forced upon us, but also say to the idiom, dialect, patois of somewhere like Ballyfermot, and how communities experience and deal with such prejudice and power relations in more contemporary times...).


In general terms, most Finns have far better English than most Irish folk I know. Finns have a wider lexicon, a better understanding of grammar, can spell accurately and can condense their point into a few simple and short words where the Irish go on and on, using curse words, slang, and other expletives, and in that horrible knacker accent found all over Dublin city.

I'm actually embarrassed to meet Finns who've been to Ireland: they thinks it's charming how the scobe accent is everywhere, and I'm only glad they see things that way: if they understood that this isn't some game or front being put out to charm people, that's when I'd have to say that yes - these types of Irish people are an underclass (in every way) of their own making.

You don't have to acquire a nasty accent in Ireland: I grew up in Ballyer and I haven't got an even remotely Irish sounding accent. Most people can't place my accent as being from anywhere. This is mostly down to my childhood activities and the lack of my being a willing knacker/scobe doing the traditional Irish working class type stuff. Robbing, vandalizing, mitching, disrespecting, and so on. I spent my time reading, studying, making art, making music, traveling, writing, and trying to get a handle on the world around me so I could make my own way to where I wanted to be. Anywhere but Dublin.

The one I find amusing is the black community in Dublin acquiring the scobe accent: if only they knew the scale of that error? See, when I come on these sites, I get the Ballyer stereotype in the neck, but that only strengthens my resolve. Up here, it doesn't matter to the Finns which part of Ireland I'm from: they don't know the one from the other anyway, and therefore I'm judged/understood by my actions, not my words. Not my accent, or my apparent lack of an identifiable Irish accent/brogue.

But in contrast to all that, I still think that the Irish people - in general - speak far better English than most natural born English people. We have a poetic variation of their language, one we adapted for the climate we found ourselves in. It's no small thing that the great Irish writers are as much on the tip of the global tongue as Shakespeare and/or Eliot. Our adaptation and use of English is markedly different from the pure English of the higher intellectual circles of that country. A regular Irish bloke or lady from the suburbs can easily match even the best English speakers quite easily.

But of course the lack of Gaelic being used at all these days is rather sad. Even if we had a slang variety of expressions in daily use, that might be enough to keep it alive. But it dies a little more every passing day. Along with the historic culture and lifestyle of the true old Irish.

I'm happy to have been born into Ballyfermot, of all places. It's given me a springboard to leap out of my humble background onto a much lager and wider populated stage. I love too how the Irish blogging community hates me for it. It reminds me of all I left behind, and if I look back over my shoulder at all, it's with a smile to my simple Irish life and a bearing of my teeth to the winds ahead.

In short: if you don't get off your arse to find your own place in this world, then you deserve to live in relative obscurity and permanent regret. Life is about taking chances. I can't fathom the notion of choosing to live within a fifty mile radius of where one was born. That's not living, that's existing, and only barely at that.

Jambo has a good turn with the English language - he knows his grammar and his spelling, but that doesn't necessarily mean what he has to say is of any intelligence at all. It isn't, and quite obviously so. You can dress white supremacy in a tuxedo and parade it up and down the high street, but it's still racism. You can dress it in a street urchin's rags or a billionaire's fast car, but it's still barely concealed hate speech. Dodging around in and outside the rings of your true intent doesn't mean your intent isn't apparent to those listening to you. Intellect alone trumps that. But then again, there are many witless and ignorant bloggers out there in the communities, and look how they handle other Irish people?

Like Jambo, they hate white Irish people.

That alone tears their foundation out from under them.

But like Jambo, they don't seem to realise it.

Me? I'm still laughing at his earnestness in getting 'the message' across (even if the message isn't his own, but rather that of other young men who think this shit up) in his actions as a messenger boy for the likes of Youngdan's ever-failing predictions of cataclysm and the end of the world as we know it. He's been predicting shit about Russia and Ukraine for around eight months by now: not one of his guesses came to any fruition. But he's still at it.

I suppose, given the vastness of space and time, that one or two of his Mystic Meg guesses at what's going on will HAVE to come true, but only in that same vast empty space. Jambo loves all that shit, he thinks it makes the world a more interesting place. Making enemies of people who don't know or care about his mere existence, yet Jambo thinks himself a soldier of some sort. Trying to save the world from white people black people.

Making an enemy of your neighbour by accusing them of all sorts of bullshit's a fool's game. You only ever isolate yourself to the same trenches the worst of the worst occupy. So I say let him at it, it's only himself he's fucking up. Not that he realises that, which makes it even funnier again.


Lots to consider there, Mowl, thanks.

Indeed, June Jordan who I cited was one such who mastered to an incredible level the English language, and used it to powerfully express herself, no holds barred. She was the first female writer I discovered (through her book, 'Technical Difficulties') who could really write and think, and what she wrote about mostly, loudly, powerfully, with conviction, was about the experience of being black, and female.

Jambo has a good turn with the English language

Consider this, again from June Jordan, in the context of her article cited above:

"... I believe Americans have wanted their sons and daughters to write just well enough to fill out a job application. Americans have wanted their children to think just well enough to hold that job. Not too many people have wanted to start trouble, or get into it.

So I would say that our schools have served most of us extremely well. We have silenced or eliminated minority children. We have pacified white children into barely competent imitations of their fear-ridden parents.

But now there are no jobs and, consequently, somebody needs to write aggressive news editorials. Somebody needs to write aggressive new statements of social design and demand. More and more Americans finally want to hear new sentences, new ideas, to articulate this unprecedented, and painful, majority situation. But is there anybody new around the house? Someone who can think and organise a solution to this loss of privilege, this loss of power? "

So that "no jobs" was back in 1982. These days, there may be plenty of jobs, but the present exigency appeatrs to lie in this "race to the bottom", zero hour contracts, ever less and less dignity in work and in employer-employee relations, soaring cost of living, increasing monopolies over the sources of rent and systemic abuse of same, force-feeding the associated ponzis at any cost, etc.

Look how the likes of Jambo use the english language to articulate their conceptions of these problems, and their ideas about the resolution of them. It always strikes me that Jambo has split fact from value, and the fundaments of his ideas from humanity itself. There is a machine-like, excessively simple-minded character (like a machine) to the whole of his intellectual activity (if it could even be called that).

Is this because Jambo is alienated from everything that may be considered human in himself, and by extension in mankind, instead choosing to sink his own individuality into this "nation" of his, this great "White Nation", and which it has apparently become his entire life's purpose to trumpet the greatness, power and prestige of this Nation, believing it holds the answers to his problems, and his frustrated aspirations etc?

How in hell do you receive what we call an "education" and pick that type of thing up along the way? And in view that our system of education is what it is, it does what it does, may Jambo be a vanguard for similar coming down the track?


There's no doubt that the youth of today have taken upon themselves the worries of the world while at the same time completely misunderstanding them. Their view seems to be that their parents are to blame for all this chaos we're living with, and that they themselves are entitled to be angry at absolutely everything going on around them, but never to the point of cornering their parents lest they be struck off the last will and testament - or worse again: sent from the family to live on their own terms. I'd say that's the one that frightens them the most.

Jambo's the classic variation of exactly this character type: paranoid to the point of extreme rage, he sees himself as the victim rather than the criminal, the beaten down rather than the privileged. Yet he's likely never gone without a meal, or ever slept in a doorway, or had zero spending power and had to eat from the trash. But he still sees himself as a victim of modern society and open borders politics. This makes me wonder what he'd do if he traveled to say Morocco, or over the mountains and into Algeria. Would it be culture shock that arrests his fears, or would it be his blatant hate for people of another skin colour?

I learned a very good lesson from a child on the medina in Chefchaouen one day when he tried to sell me fake Marlboro cigarettes. He used a saying French that basically translated to: 'a man in a hurry is a dead man'. When I enquired about this from the hotel owner where we stayed, he said it means that to walk away from a person in need when you can quite obviously help them with ease, that life isn't going to be kind to you. It's not in the actions, but in the intent. The wish to do good because you can, and at little expense at all.

In that light, it's no wonder Jambo never travels. To him, a week in Torremolinos is travel, not a beer holiday. A mad weekender in Ibiza in the clubs, a big gig in Manchester, but never a weekend in west Cork. Your typical self-loathing industrial quality intellect, low self esteem masked by hate for foreign cultures of any sort bar plastic paddy and their paddywhackery. Oasis. The Gallagher brothers, these are heroes to Jambo. They reveal his total immaturity in that he seems to think that Oasis did something of some value, that like Hendrix, the Stones, Cream, the Beatles, wrote songs that changed the world, the way we think, act, behave.

He's so dumb about modern and recent historic culture that he believes anyone who doesn't 'get' Oasis 'message' is some sort of musical and cultural ignoramus. In that sense, a mirror in the vertical might serve him well. But sadly he's blind to his own stupidity, ignorance, and youth.

Or at ;least I hope he's a youth.

If he's older than say twenty-five, then I predict an early suicide on his current trajectory.

He ought to take a day off and go for a walk, maybe bring a book with him.

But he won't - he's the Captain Kirk of modern societal rejects.

Full ahead.


I am a race realist, not a race denier.. That means that I believe race is real and that there are differences between the races.. What are you talking about? 🤔
You can dress the thing up as much as you want to.

Put lipstick on the same old "scientific racism" pig, trot out you euphemisms like "race realist" or "nationalist" all day.

Anyone half intelligent can see through your attempt to re-brand the pseudo-scientific "scientific racism" monster; the attempt to skirt the taboo that ensued the horrors of twentieth century Nazi Germany.

And you have given ample demonstration on this forum that for all your "high IQ" and chess playing, you are as dumb, thick as shit as it is possible to be.

Thick enough to willfully blind yourself to how these same ideas (that you've re-branded) were used to justify slavery and the Holocaust.

Thick enough not to comprehend why racial categories are not as biologically meaningful as you think. Thick enough not to comprehend the erroneous use of mathematical statistics and probability theory that underlie your scientific racism.

Thick enough to gravitate to the extremism and pseudoscience in not just this re-branded scientific racism, but also to that of the climate change deniers, anti-vaxxers and others. Underneath it all, always the insistence that there is some grand master plan designed to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes. The ultimate measure of a consummate thicko.

Thick enough not to understand how data is cherry-picked to "prove" this racist pseudoscience, then pumped out through the blogs of neanderthals like Morgosh, Collett and Woods.

So you're a "race realist" and those who oppose you are "race deniers". Well what a great facility you must have with words, to be so easily taken in by such dialectical ruse.

Of course you can't even write to express yourself, instead you must use memes and pictures and 'bugs' scripts and white supremacist blogs. (Compare and contrast to how WEB Du Bois expresses himself above.)

But that's "IQ" for you, boys and girls. Exhibited for you here on this very forum in front of your very eyes by the forum's great white hope, "Electricity", who for your viewing pleasure today is demonstrating the supreme irony that those focused on the IQ of "races" inevitably seem to have a much, much lower intelligence themselves!

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