I, Jambo


He has no shame, but after all - when he got handed his arse on the Isle, he immediately crawled up Val and Dan's arses. He's still up there now, trying to figure out how it came to this. This paltry excuse for a life as he sees it.

Jambo's a follower, never a leader. Although the A Team scenario has played out like you'd have expected: CG&P is a card carrying member these days, in bed with Sham and Pyles O'Reilly.

As I write, I can assure you that Jambo's currently licking old man hoop to bate the band.

He has eyes for men only - whether it's Liam Gallagher, Val Martin, or Declan Kelly - he needs a father figure to show him the way to do everything from wiping his own arse to swallowing fat old men's jizz with relish.

A gimp - just like Sham, just like Pyles, and just like CG&P.

A little boys gang following orders and standing to attention to have their balls shaved by two fat aul fellas with delusions of grandeur. Sad bastards. Losers. The pulp at the bottom of the OJ carton.


Maybe we should invite this mythical A-Team to Isle and see how they get on standing on their own two feet?

I'll reopen the registration process, it was shut down a few weeks ago due to Mandy spamming the site with new sign-ups.

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