Shut your face, Jambo, stop boring everyone with your rank stupidity.

There have been 27 school shootings in the US so far in 2022. Just because the perpetrator is black in this case you want wall to wall coverage to make it appear the problem lies in the colour of his skin?

Back in reality, the shooting is being covered just as much as any other shooting. At a glance:

Next time you read some yank nobody racist on youtube present his theory that there is no coverage because "the shooter is black", just stop and think for a minute whether the nobody on Telegram may be playing you for a fool, eh.

The problem of school shootings in the US has nothing to do with skin colour. How about the handing out of guns willy nilly to anyone who's old enough, and whose typical IQ has been decimated from watching yank TV since childbirth sixteen hours a day. That sounds like a much better theory to me than your one.



I hope the negro boy does replace you, Jambo.

You're fuck all use to anyone anywhere.

Signed on this month yet?

Lazy little twerp.
How it started


How it's going



You never have anything to say, Jambo. Stop destroying the thread with these off topic lame and pathetic "come backs" to your being shown up as the Dylann Roofesque type clown that you are on Isle. Perhaps DS86DS DS86DS would clean the thread of these lame attempts to try and troll and annoy others with misbegotten irrelevant nerd bollox.

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