Peace Talks re: Cessation Of Inter-Site Wars


I see Aldo and the boys over yonder are very upset at Parlon's dressing down.

Granted Parlon is the only half articulate and considered poster holding their type of odious views.

So that anyone who does not talk in the required obsequious manner about the allegedly great contributions he makes to the mothership of Irish fora, elicits horrified disbelief.

Kevin may be intellectually fifteen legions above the main body of your typical political irish contributor.

But that doesn't mean he is not generally of a fairly low level in the context of averagely well informed, articulate and half way intelligent contributor.

It's pretty tragic to hear these lads witter on.


Jesus there's a bang of "Hans" off that poster Hitlerist. (Whether actually Hans or just imbued in the mindset of that particular deviant mutant malcontent dog-ugly self professed "nationalist" and pseudo-patriot, grand conductor of the various websites he has some stakeholding or other in, I won't yet conjecture.)

I never paid them much attention before. The most cliched predictable kind of idiot you find in these "far right" talking shops. I see Mowl called it right yet again. Fuck me. A truly objectionable poster. And as usual I'm not talking about their views in themselves, its all in the manner of their holding those views. Granted the final output is just a giant squit.
You're the one that lies, in your deliberate misrepresentation.

You whine, "what have I ever said that's white supremacist" to accuse me of lying about you. Whereas when I said you were a white supremacist, I did not base that on something explicit you said, I based it on an intelligent reading of your intent, your views, your associations, your inclinations, your reactions to facts, your selection of facts, and much else.
You're not intelligent, you're insane and stupid

Read the "I, Jambo" thread again, and if there is a word of a lie in it, then stand up for yourself, sue me for slander, which entails a lie, like you originally said you would to try and shut me up. Because you know I'm stating the truth. And any reasonable person reading that thread would understand that I'm stating the truth as well.
"Standing up for myself" (which I have done many times) is a fool's errand with you, you are nonresponsive and a/the Soapbox Dunce

Or if you're referring to how I "brazenly lie about knowing how to play chess", I suggest you go back and re-read the post where I said I casually played chess as a bored kid when there was fuck all else to do. I explicitly said I was never minded to get into all that memorising opening moves and opening games, and principles of play, and strategies, or of taking the game anyway seriously.
I know that you brazenly lied about knowing how to play chess because of your answer to this

You don't even know how to move the pieces

Jambo, I can play snakes and ladders too. I know the rules of play and objective of the game just as I know them for chess. But because I don't enter in for the Snakes and Ladders tournaments or championships, or spend my nights watching Youtube and Telegram videos of little kids playing the game, by your logic that must mean "I'm lying about knowing how to play snakes and ladders"?
Comparing chess to a game of roll the dice (and a couple of simple rules and "objective") is only something that someone of your profound stupidity could come up with, or Mowl

Sure, I couldn't beat a chess computer or for that matter some introverted chess obsessive with autistic spectrum disorder like yourself. But I know the rules, have played games of it when I was a bored teenager - just that in your eyes because I don't think enough of the game to put more effort into it that must mean I "brazenly lie about knowing how to play chess"?
Okay, you want one last chance to try to prove that you aren't a brazen liar? I'll throw you a bone.

Here is a simple chess puzzle (still taken from video)..

It's white to move and mate in two. You know what that means, right? It's white's turn and after that move by white, and regardless of what black then plays, white will checkmate on the next move. So what's white's first move?

You're a cretin. An odious one. If you have an argument to make, or an actual defence of yourself, go ahead and make it. Otherwise shut your deliberate and pathetic misrepresentations presented as argument.

I also strongly suggest you switch off Youtube and Telegram, you've already pruned off so many neurons and variety in the wiring of your brain that you've turned yourself into the greatest crawling fuckwitted waste of space, nothing but a dictaphone for Morgosh, Woods, Collett, and other pondlife, you're the greatest loser to ever roam these boards, and lame arsehole extraordinaire.

You're a white supremacist. Fact. The lie is rather in your claim to be more so a "nationalist", as I believe has been amply demonstrated.
You believe a lot of stupid shit.


Lame. The usual lame efforts at misrepresentation.

First, to get it out of the way, why is chess so different from snakes and ladders?

Fine, you want to be pedantic and take the element of chance out of it, we could choose a game like 'Battleship', or Draughts, or Dominoes or even 'Rock paper scissors'.

The main point I made stands. I don't need to be an expert or highly skilled or even half fucking interested in the above, to claim I can play them.

Electricity said:
No. Parlon is a civnat, emigrant, person married with mixed race kids who the frothing-at-the-mouth retarded Antifags on Gaychat think is a white supremacist.
No, no one called him a white supremacist, they're calling you a white supremacist.

Parlon is merely a Fox news, Tucker Carlson following idiot, of the usual order you find in hicksville America.

I.e. Wears a Maga hat, and advocates the various racist talking points you find in those quarters.

Whether or not he went for a Filipino mail order bride does not alter that fact.

You on the other hand are an entirely different proposition - you trot out slogans like "anti-white", or "Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white"...

You follow the script and messaging advocated by the likes of Stormfront and the extremist White supremacist idiots who founded that site, and wrote screeds like 'The Mantra'...

You go on about IQ, you obviously take a leaf out of the book of the Soviets who used chess as a symbol of intellectual superiority, you make allusions trying to tie intelligence to race, and a whole lot else that marks your card.

You follow this script. http://mantra.awardspace.us/ Whereas Parlon follows the Fox news script etc.

You are an entirely different quantity to that idiot Parlon. Your lame effort to pretend Parlon is the same quantity as you, in the same group as you, is laughable.

To put it even more plainly, there are zero concerns Parlon is going to go out and pull a Roof, Breivik, Gendron, Tarrant, type massacre.

Whereas you on the other hand tick every box, you are of the exact same profile as these extremist half-wit "heroes".

You are being called out as a white supremacist, not Parlon, you neanderthal thicko.

. So what's white's first move?
No one's interested, you utter and complete gimp.
Lame. The usual lame efforts at misrepresentation.
Eh.. whatever

First, to get it out of the way, why is chess so different from snakes and ladders?

Fine, you want to be pedantic and take the element of chance out of it
lol What else is there to snakes and ladders

we could choose a game like 'Battleship', or Draughts, or Dominoes or even 'Rock paper scissors'.
You should choose to take your head and bury it

The main point I made stands. I don't need to be an expert or highly skilled or even half fucking interested in the above, to claim I can play them.
You can't play chess, you don't even know how to move the pieces

You go on about IQ, you obviously take a leaf out of the book of the Soviets who used chess as a symbol of intellectual superiority
lol Obviously 🤣

you make allusions trying to tie intelligence to race, and a whole lot else that marks your card.
I am a race realist, not a race denier.. That means that I believe race is real and that there are differences between the races.. What are you talking about? 🤔

No one's interested, you utter and complete gimp.
lol Keep digging 😆


Replied to here, this diversion really belongs in the I, Jambo thread:



That's a complete lie and you know it, CG&P.

I've done nothing but try to welcome you back, and did so many times. If you can show us even ONE place where I slandered you, go ahead - I'll apologize for it. But you know you can't because I never did.

I think you're a quality poster with a good sense of humour, but you're being led by the nose-ring on Val and Dan's site, and you you know it.

But whatever, I'll remain of the opinion that you were a loss to the isle. I think you're a good guy and I empathize with your views on Ireland. Every time. I could have been a right shit to you, but I haven't been.

Again - if you insist different - then show me where, otherwise apologize for the above.


Saul doesn't half talk shite. I removed him from his mod position due to him allowing his actions as a moderator be influenced by James, which in turn was causing not only anger and resentment - but good posters to leave the site in their droves. As the highest authority on this site I sometimes need to put my foot down. I also need to take the long term viability of Isle into consideration. A moderator can afford to mess up, a site owner doesn't have that luxury.

Saul was given his mod position in good faith. He let himself and everyone else down by misusing the powers granted to him in order to benefit James.


I stuck up for Saul too on the private thread when he left. I wrote a post on this before the site destruct button was pressed.

Just to be clear on this. I think the guy is a worker, he actually does an honest day's work, unlike a lot of the losers you find across these fora.

And for that he is entitled to air his grievances. Grievances I sympathise with, incixdentally.

However where we differ, and I offer no apologies for that, is his gravitating to dumb, conspiracist, simplistic, populist, cause and effect, to explain those grievances, promoted by the likes of Jambo and this "A-team" of his.

Some elitist grand plan to "replace" him, is not reality, there is no conspiracy, Jewish or 'Globohomo' or otherwise, that is not how the world really works.

(Rather I would say there is a complex "system", where patterns emerge as a result of different interconnected and interdependent elements and structures. The idea of some single "root cause" does not reflect how trhe world really works.)

So no doubt I heartily abuse and goad those who advocate the populist, conspiracist, single "root cause" theory, I lampoon not only their logic but also their credibility, their intent, ethos, pathos.

Some say I would do better not to abuse people and their stupid ideas if I want to "convince" people. But the way I see it this is a discussion forum and ad hominen is part and parcel of discussion, also it is often a rigorous method of exploration. (And more entertaining).

In addition one day they'll eventually realise I was right, and I think saying what I have to say in the way I choose to say it will be of more value to them when that day comes.

Anyway just my two cents on the CG&P question.


Hans/Aldo/Soc (don't bother denying it Hans) turned vicious and nasty in a masquerade of self-righteousness, wrapped up in the usual far right charade of child abuse claims, when he discovered his "adminstration" and "moderation" teams were ineffective on some people he wanted to shut down, because of the advent of Politics Isle.

Mowl obviously wasn't the type to silently accede to the attempts of online bullies behind administrative and moderation controls get one over him, beat him that way.

Certainly I jumped at the chance Isle gave me to recover my voice, that I had raised against the wretched consensus promoted on Hans' sites.

So little Hans now blusters about, resorting to all the sly, sneaky devices he can think of to shut the Isle and its nuisance posters up, realising that the Isle effectively made him impotent.

I'll just say, the sly little bastard is going to trip up one day.


He's wasted on Arsefield's, CG&P. The reason I liked his input was that he always said it like he feels it, thinks it, and lives it. It's not makey-uppey shite like we're used to from Jambo and his two tranny bosses, Dan and Val. Dan's predictions of doom - they never amount to anything, but that doesn't stop him using and abusing his position as a site owner. Choosing a fruit-cake like Val as his sole moderator is tantamount to base stupidity. Val's an idiot, a crazed egoist who can't see the wood for the trees.

Or in his case, the toilet bowl from the slurry.

Two filthy old parasites proclaiming their greatness, their wealth, their successes.

But never the foolishness, the absence of any wealth that I can see, nor any successes bar those made in trying to make themselves feel important. Wiser than the next man. Clever in ways not everyone can match. But in reality?

Val - a toothless gombeen culchie with a yap on him the scale of Kilimanjaro. Plus a trans-curious type.

Dan - living off the wife's money, bumming around his crummy suburbs, faking his life, his 'career' and his precious filthy coins. Fat, old, out of touch, never on the money, always missing the target by half a planet, and obviously in dire straits financially - this explains why he owns a forum to discuss himself on. This makes clear his loser status, he buffoonery, his clown car act with Val, who in many ways is like a twin brother to Dan. Two of life's more unfortunate culchies who think they can outwit an entire country of Irish people.

Me? I know where I'm from and I always remind others of this too. I come from Ireland's ghetto, but that never stopped me living the life I want to lead. I do what I like, when I like and where I like. I'm nobodies property, I stand on my own two feet and stride across this world. Because this is my life, my time, and I am world leader (pretend).

Those two old men ought to know better than to be led by their egos. But they clearly don't, so it gives me lots of reasons to lambast the fuck out of them as often as possible. Me. A Ballyer kid. And still they can't match me - they have to ban me, bar me, try to sequester me, and then take pot-shots from a safe distance. For that alone they're a right pair of freak losers.

But to see CG&P snuggle up to them?

Man, that is sad.

I expected much more of him but sure we all make up our own minds. Then change them as more information rolls in. Rather than tear into him, I'll stand my ground and be consistent: CG&P's a better guy than most of his team. He lets himself down by being on their side while partitioning himself off to Val and Dan. I hope he can see that and act on it before my respects are crushed underfoot.

I know he's pushed the boat out a bit too far to land it where he belongs, but if Arsefield's suits him so much then I'll back off and drop the whole thing. And seeing as you're reading this, CG&P - I'll stand on my honour regarding any private chats we had. Just to show you that I do keep my word, and that I do have some respect for you, even if those two old codgers have you fooled.

I tried to help you all I can, but I can't do nothin' for you, Man.



I wouldn't say Saul is quite so innocent, nor without a sense of agency. He knows exactly what he's doing over there and will be given a much deserved kick up the arse if he pushes his luck. Nobody forced Saul to join Dan's forum, let alone use it as a launch pad for attacks on this site and its members. He's clearly chosen which team colours he'd like to wear and those belong to HanzRickAnderson and his minion Youngdan. He was never stabbed in the back yet seems to think nothing of stabbing Isle and its members in the back. As far as I'm concerned he can fuck right off with himself, he's long forgotten about in my books.

The only site I'm interested in anymore is Isle, and if HanzRickAnderson does ever manage to get it shut down I'll simply quit these forums altogether... unless of course another Isle member establishes their own site - which I'd be more than happy to join. So as far as I'm concerned people who have nothing to do with this site are outsiders in every sense of the word.


That gobshite Scrotum Of Periwinkle over at the gay bar site seems to think I'm bothered with his bullshit.

Heads up, cunty: I fart stronger than you bloviate.

Go eat your way back upside your mother's chuff.


Does anyone remember the name of Mandy's main sock account on GPO? I think it was Vargo or something like that.


I'd imagine his computer space must be covered in post-its of names and passwords.

And pictures of other men - naked.


And pictures of other men - naked.

I'd say Mandy has one or two of Val on the bedroom wall. I imagine even Val is shocked every now and then by how often he kisses his arse.

If Val took in Mandy to live with him, he'd never need to invest in toilet paper ever again.

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