Ratio Et Fides (through the looking glass)


Well I said I'd resurrect this thread that 'Thus' started before, so here we are.

Let's start with an overview of this poster known by the handles 'Golah veNekhar', Sword of St Catherine', 'Paradosis', 'Ratio Et Fides', 'Zipporah's flint' and no doubt many more.

The compendium graphic below gives a taste of their views, and demonstrates such as that they are not female as they claim, bloodthirsty, dishonest, and highly antisemitic under a masquerade of catholic piety.

This is just for starters.

I have added the 'through the looking glass' tag to the thread title, because clearly this poster's faith (fides) is put in something abominably anti-Christian, and clearly their reason (ratio) is backward, regressive, retrograde and always spurious.

PS DS86DS DS86DS can you make it so people not logged in can see the image above? Thanks.


Swords is a few sandwiches short of a picnic, that much is for sure.

The eternal mod on Pish and Hanz's favourite for some reason. Then again, pretending to be a young lady with long legs and perky knockers will get you far with Hanzy.


Swords is a few sandwiches short of a picnic, that much is for sure.
Yes, that would be the general impression.

But the question is, would a judge and jury find them only "guilty by reason of insanity" in a court of law?

I believe they wouldn't. Let's recapitulate.

We have only recently finished parading "Jambo" through the court of Isle. Of course, it was obvoius to any reasonable person that he was in fact white supremacist, that it was childish egocentricity that made him believe in his own mind his slogans that he was a heroic "nationalist", a "race realist", heroically facing down the "race deniers" and "anti-whites" etc.

Point being, the likes of Jambo, childish, naive, gullible, idiotic (which is not incompatible with membership of the mensa IQ club), susceptible to the recruitments of others, is lower down in the chain.

Whereas the likes of "Golah/Paradosis" are higher up in the radicalisation chain.

In fact, we could say that observing "Jambo"'s journey through the political irish hatchery of far right neanderthals, this poster "Golah" had plenty to do with poor Jambo's ultimate radicalisation.

Jambo is in fact just a pawn. He has been deployed as a pawn by others more intelligent and active in the service of one or other ideologically based outlook. That is obvious.

In fact I observed from way back, how Golah played on the naivety and catholic classroom inculcations of Irish young impressionable minds.

We see in his pretenses of being female, highly educated, wealthy, and pious, the attempt to seduce young, impressionable minds like Jambo's.

Likewise his fictions of 'Lundy' conversions and so on, his selective, distorted representations of reality, lies, distortions, generalisations from isolated incidents, fragments from five thousand year old books, historical revisionism, deliberate omissions, and many other devices, which I'll outline for people in this thread in subsequent installments.

Time to lift up the rocks these pestilent beasties hide under and put a magnifying glass on them.


Long overdue thread this, thank you.

Yes, the selected posts in the attached image in post one is familiar, I've seen it before and it's still the same character behind the various names. Infecting every site from its base on Pish, it roams around P.ie, IPO, Pish, and Arsefield's flogging his dead horse these last ten years and more.

In my mind, he's a shut-in: maybe wheelchair or bed bound, but never off the internet for more than a few minutes sleep at a time. There's no pattern to his posting, no obvious sleep/awake periods. I would say he definitely has the beeps set at top volume for all sites to receive notifications as soon as posts are put up, then he grabs a smoke and studies the content, formulates his point of view (usually including references to this and that Jew and this and that ancient tome nobody has ever read bar a few sleepy headed priests and near-death bishops and cardinals.

It's not so much that I consider him an internet addict like a child with a playstation, it's more that the general content of posting on Irish-interest sites HAS to be in his grasp at all times. Nothing escapes his wizened old eyes and he loves playing possum with the female socks.

I look forward to seeing this thread teased out over time, and we have LOTS of time, Golah, lots of it.


How did a Belfast Protestant turn into a Catholic fundamentalist? Growing up he probably would have heard stuff such as the pope being the antichrist.. the Church of Rome being the Whore of Babylon etc.

Northern protestants are likely the most fire and brimstone out of the lot along with their brethren across the pond in the Southern Bible Belt of America. The Anglicans and Lutherans seem a lot tamer by comparison and more open to dialogue with Catholicism... not to mention open to the prospect of converting. Presbyterians in the likes of Belfast seem like complete and utter screwballs, straight out of 17th century Europe. The sort who would still be burning women at the stake for witchcraft if they could get away with it.


... And I've nothing against Irish protestants, north or south of the border. Wolfe Tone was a protestant after all, as were Emmet and Parnell.

I simply can't understand why someone such as Swords would switch sides from one extreme camp to the other, not to mention what would possess him to do so.


He did no such thing - everything that cunt has ever said is farce. It's all made-up tripe, a religious zealot with a fondness for trolling people by pushing their buttons.

If I were you I'd be more concerned about his transvestism and fakery about being female.

He's a bed-ridden old toad, drinking porter from a Toby jug and poking at people by talking about them but never to them. I bet the old fucker's gay as well - not there's anything wrong with being homosexual. Except in his case he doesn't want anyone to know he sucks cock and swallows sperm.

I guarantee you that old cunt is surrounded by crusty tissues and worn-out bibles.

Medical card to cover costs, eats pills and pizzas to get through the long days and even longer nights commenting on Jews and everything that's wrong with them - in his gimp eye that is. If I got the chance, I'd pull the fucker out of his wheelchair and toss him out onto the Falls Road with the word 'pedophile' carved into his forehead ala The Inglorious Basterds.

Scumbag, pure and utter fucking filth that needs to be treated with rat poison.

But the good news is simple: he's been around for so long at this stage you can be sure he's closer to death by old age more so than your average blogger. I bet you he has great-grandchildren. Gangs of the little cunts on both sides of the religious divide.

I hope the cunt dies slowly of arse cancer.



You have a sectarian bigot, first of all (note their early online history in the Northern Ireland section of p.ie).

Now what voice would be the most authorative about the faults of the other community in the North?

Someone who once was of this community, and of their faith and beliefs.

Thus the "convert". The most authorative voice with which to demonise that community.

Or note how they always parade some Jew, or some alleged Jewish to Christian convert, "friend" and relays their message demonising that community?

Again, it is the most authorative voice.

Similarly the pious, devout Christian lady. The "nerdy" ultra conservative house-wife, but wealthy and beautiful with it, just like in Jambo's wet dreams.

When it is a "lady" like this spreading demonisations and lies, rather than a decrepit, male, frustrated, old shut-in, of course that has much more appeal and credibility.

I mean appeal and credibility to the desperate sad old men he solicits with his radical lies, the frustrated, unemployed "wound-collectors", more often than not living with their mother or estranged spouse or girlfriend who is the sole provider of the house.

These "subscribers" of websites like political irish, who are most of all frustrated by the inferiority of their achievements, by the failure of their lives, who are looking for answers, basically some explanation unrelated to their own behaviour or the choices they have made in life, that turned them into such losers - who better to hear the answer they seek than from some gold bikini clad conservative pious beauty, as Golah's online persona presents?

This is just one of the devices this poster uses.

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