The Resurrection of Political Irish under new ownership (allegedly).


I think we should have a thread to track progress.

I see all threads are now open to public view. I had a very quick scroll through, and I see little has changed on the site in the years since I was last able to view it.

A few posts jumped out as obvious hate speech. I'll highlight just the one, as it is one of the more well known tropes used towards hate and incitement.

Of course, they deliberately snip out the context of Soros saying, "Covid-19 also helped legitimize instruments of control”.

They use the snipped sentence to reinforce the thinking in their idiot subscribers that Soros (and his "cabal" etc.) want to "control" people, and probably engineered Covid, or at least took advantage of it, to advance their evil agenda of NWO or whatever.

What they leave out is that Soros fights totalitarianism, that is in fact his whole resolve, and the omitted context of this sentence was that totalitarian countries like China were using Covid-19 as an instrument of control, and that must be fought against.

Well that is just one brief illustration of the character of the lies and incitements and framework of radicalisation they put their idiot subscribers through on that website. To get us going etc.


Lots of new admins/mods now instated. The first page of threads is recent stuff, but the other six of seven are all old posts scraped from the online media. In time it'll burgeon and the howlers will start more threads on their pet hates as time passes.

The same tired old cunts saying the same tired old shit.

What's the difference between the days when Tadhg and Dengler ran the show and today? Not much, I say. The content is certainly more raw than before, and posters like Wolf, Cello, Clarke~Connolly are rabbiting out the same shit they've been howling for years. Total hate speech.

If these cretins had any balls at all, they'd put their name to their posts: but they don't. Not one of those losers is in any way politically active. In fact, the only person I see who IS politically active across all the fora is Val fucking Martin. Now what does that tell you?

Dan's useless, he trots out the same warning of impending doom, the same impending doom he's been harping on about since 2006. A loser, a bum, a lonely plastic Paddy in a land of thicko yanks. Not one of his predictions has ever come to fruition, but that doesn't stop the fat loser from singing from the same sheet day in and day out. The one thing he did was spend a few dollars to erect a saggy site that still doesn't even have a banner. It's as basic a lay-out as you can find anywhere.

Val's barred from everywhere bar youtube, and he's currently on shaky ground there too. Last night I got a message back from Declan Kearney Sinn Fein, he's aware of Val's threats and is deciding what to do, while keeping an eye on Val's channel. Val's going to walk himself into big trouble by letting his ego overtake his common sense. And his ego is the size of an elephant.

I think Pish will play it slowly and will try to harness the hate speech element. But that isn't an easy job. The general standard of literacy on the site is abysmal, and few posters over there have the language to make their point without it becoming threatening and ominous to the average reader. I hope they get torn to pieces, the site ripped down, the owners exposed, the staff named and shamed, and the whole thing lampooned to fuck.

It's been dying for the last two or three years.

In its current state it'll last a few weeks or months and then the next yob will try to get her started all over again.

But it's great that it's open for the laughs.

That shower are some lame homeboys with fuck all to do with themselves. Dole heads, civil servant lifers (JPC) and other bums. Not one active member among them. And not one of them prepared to stand by their opinions and name themselves. Cowards. Yellow-bellies. Little girls. Pansies. Big girl's blouses. Skiddies. Welfare scroungers. Dutch Gold drinking cheap soap bar hash smoking shitheads. No balls. No meaning. No purpose. Scabs. Knackers. Losers. Lonely cunts with ugly faces and tiny cocks. Separated husbands. Barred fathers. Alimony payers. Monthly sign-on types. Out of work, unemployed and unemployable, all the time in the world available to let their tiny minds wander and fester. Scum. Impotent old farts. Blow-hards. Group gangbangers. Cliques. Private members clubs. And loads of transvestites, oddly enough.

What's with the transvestism thing anyway?

Did I miss some change of life-style or gender-reassigned fashion coming out of Ireland's closets?

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