What is George Soros really about.


One of the foremost superstitions of the "far right" is that there is a surreptitious grand plan of a shadowy elite force to implement a totalitarian new world order.

The chief visible face of this shadowy force is George Soros.

Their favourite tactic is to play clips of Soros and then cut him off so that he appears to be saying something else, they remove the context and impose their own context.

But what are the values Soros really works to defend?

Well go beyond the propaganda of his many enemies. - It's not hard - he has set out in numerous books his understanding of things, and what he is trying to achieve. Such as this one.

If you get your information first hand this way you very quickly understand that his "Open Society Foundation" is not in fact about "opening" society to refugees, minorities, and other alleged undesirables.

In fact, it is named, and modelled after, a book by Soros' long time mentor and friend, Karl Popper, titled, "The Open Society & its Enemies".

Read the reviews. Bertrand Russell for example hailed the book as a "vigorous and profound defence of democracy".

Why did he say that? - Because the book's sole intention is to undermine totalitarianism, and the deluded ideas that give rise to it.

Soros hates totalitarianism and that is precisely the reason why the "far right" hates him and targets him with their propaganda.

We could learn from him in fact. For Soros' primary experience of his youth, that drives him today, lay in seeing first-hand how democracy became so reduced and subverted in times of economic straits and social upheaval. He lived in that exact place and time, and saw it all unfold, firsthand.

So he uses his great wealth today to try and stop it happening again. And therein lies the problem that the so called "far right" really has with Soros.

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